Wine Storage


Storage customers looking for an affordable way to store their precious wines ought to look for wine storage at self storage facilities. These are high end storage units that preserve wines like liquid gold. There are some parameters necessary for high end wine storing at self storage centers. In addition to a climate controlled unit, the temperatures and humidity levels must be monitored to the exact levels to keep your wines as delicious and unique as they are meant to be. These are some things to look out for when purchasing wine storing units.

New Wine Storing Services

For those connoisseurs of Italian grapes and vineyards, it’s difficult to store delicious wines at home. There’s usually a lack of space, or they don’t have the right area to keep a wine at the exact temperature. In addition, a storage facility may provide other services for wine lovers like cataloging and direct shipments. If you are a collector of fine wine, self storage may be the most cost effective and secure way to keep all of your bottles in one place while preserving the quality.

Examples of Wine Storage

Most storage units are exterior or interior units that may be climate controlled or not. They may suffer extreme weather conditions, but when storing wine, you need a space that is precisely temperate to the wine and also beneficial to its preservation. Shelf-style storage is the best option, but other facilities provide private lockers and refrigerated storage racks. Most wines must be stored at an average temperature of 55 degrees. One particular benefit for wine storage units is that they are backed up by generators and constantly monitored, which means that you don’t have to worry about damaging your wines if the power happens to go out.

Special Amenities

A storage facility often has the option of catering to wine lovers in a way that really appreciates value. They often different racks and climates, and they provide secure access to wines at any time of day. These are standard features that many storage unit customers already expect.

Some special features for wine storing units include precise climate control, wine delivery, direct shipment, cataloging, inventory maintenance and certification services. With wine delivery, you can expect your wines right at your door when you need them if provided by a storage unit company.

Finding Wine Storing Facilities

Many storage unit facilities are just beginning to incorporate wine storing into their services. Others have always offered specialty climate controlled units for this purpose. Wine retailers also have specific storage units designed for wine preservation. Premium services may only be offered at those that advertise specific wine storing units and features. Serious wine collectors may want to take advantage of facilities that are offering more features for the price.

Will Your Wine Distributor Ship Directly

There are issues between distributors and storage facilities that don’t offer specialty wine units. Most distributors will only ship to a storage facility that specifically advertises and maintains wine storing units. The wine distributor mostly wants to ensure that the quality of the wine will be preserved before delivery.

Private Tasting and Other Benefits

If you select a storage company that features wine storing units, you most likely get a host of other benefits as well such as wine tasting parties and even organizations devoted to wine. These facilities can offer opportunities to enjoy wine in a pleasant setting while also allowing direct access to your wine selection any time you need it.

As wine storing facilities become more popular, you must look out for storage units that advertise wine preservation while not actually providing the correct service. Wine should be stored between 55 and 58 degrees with a high humidity level to ensure the taste never spoils.