Spacious Dorm Room Space


All dorm rooms have one thing in common, and it’s not convenience. They often don’t have all the space that you need for your stuff. Whether you want to maximize your dorm space or free up some areas in your apartment, self storage is a great option. There are a variety of ways to get your college storage organized so you don’t have to deal with tons of shelves, bags, boxes and clothes while trying to study in your dorm room.

A Second Closet

A storage unit can act as a space for all of the things you can’t fit in your dorm closet. Clothes, shoes, handbags, accessories and winter items find their space in a secure, climate controlled storage unit for when you need them. On average, roommates in dorms share a closet space that is only three to five feet wide. You shouldn’t make the mistake of trying to fit all of your clothes inside this space. With storage units, you can have a portable wardrobe, multiple shelves and hangers to create a great space for all of your stuff.

Extra Shelf Space

Dorm rooms also suffer from a lot of clutter. If you find yourself with more boxes and things that you don’t have room for, it’s time for a self storage unit. You can easily put up adhesive racks, standing shelves, bookcases and much more in a storage unit to storage all of your stuff. Adhesive hooks are rather sturdy and hang everything from jackets to handbags. They’re also easily removed when it’s time to clean out your unit.

If you are moving out of your home sweet home and don’t want your items to be sold or
otherwise given away, storage units are also a good option. They provide the best way to keep everything neat and tidy while also saving big furniture items for when you get a bigger space. It’s better to prepare for graduation with what you already have than try to buy things after you have to start paying on student loans. With cost-effective storage units, you pay very a little for a whole new space.Cost Effective Student Storage

Vehicle Storage

In some cases, college students move to cities and towns where it’s less convenient to drive than it is to walk or have a bike. They may never drive their cars while in college. While many students sell their cars for tuition help, you don’t have to give your wheels away to get a set of textbooks. Unless you plan to live in your college city after graduation, you’ll want your car again, and you may even need it when you return home for vacation. Storage units come in all sizes, so you can find a large unit that has room for college storage and vehicles. This is the best way to hang on to your investment and save it for after you graduate. You’ll want something to get around when looking for a job.

Other Benefits of Student Storage Options

The dorm space isn’t going to get any bigger. In most cases, it’s a closet with bunk beds and small desk areas. It’s made just for eating, sleeping and studying. If you want more space, you have to get another dorm room, large apartment, your own home or just pay a small cost for a storage unit. The best thing is you don’t need any credit to get a storage unit. They are a cost-effective investment for any student on a budget.

When you need more space in college, storage facilities are the best way to maximize and save stuff for after you graduate. You shouldn’t have to sell your car or give away your favorite stuffed animals just because you’re going away for four years to get a degree.