Self Storage Packing Tips


Self storage units don’t have to be the place where miscellaneous items go to die. You can create a perfectly organized and valuable storage unit that holds all of your valuables and extra items in a safe place for when you need them. When done right, you can pack items in such a way to make your unit easily accessible and even free up more space for other junk. This guide will go through all of the things that you should consider when storing items in your unit.

Planning What to Store

You will have a variety of items in different shapes and sizes that you want to store. You should decide whether they should be packed into a box and stacked or stored as they are. Boxed items that you want to access more easily should go in the front of the storage unit. You can also separate items by their weight. Items that are heavier should be stored on the bottom. If you have items that are bulky or awkward, they may require their own space.

Pick the Best Size Storage Unit

Nobody wants to pay extra for something that they don’t use. In this case, you do want a little extra space in case you have more items to store later on. Storage facility customer service can help you pick out the right size if you have an estimate of what you need to store. They can calculate the size. In general, if you have boxes and small furniture, you’ll need a by 5 by 5-feet or 5 by 7-feet storage unit. Larger storage units range from 50 to over 100 square feet of space.

Invest in the Right Supplies

Packing boxes are a better choice over plastic bags because they are sturdier and take up less space. They also stack better once in the storage unit. Sealed plastic bags are also a breeding ground for mildew in humid locations.Organization is key to packing your storage unit. There are some things that can help with this process. These are a few things to remember:

  • Boxes have to be sturdy and hold up for the entire time that you keep them in the storage unit. You also want stackable boxes that are the same size, especially for fragile storage.
  • Paper is the best choice for wrapping valuables. Bubble wrap is also a good choice and won’t have any rub off if you are trying to use newspaper. You can also identify what you’ve wrapped since bubble wrap is mostly transparent.
  • Packing tape is a valuable item to have around and will make the process easier.

How to Pack in Boxes

You should box all the items that you can. Anything that isn’t in a box will likely get dirty inside of the storage unit. If you can lift heavier boxes, fill them up to capacity, but you should pack lighter items to be stored on top of the stack. You can also use foam peanuts to make sure that the weight is evenly distributed. For fragile items and breakables like dishes, wrap them before placing them in a box and make sure that they are near the top of the stack. All boxes should be labeled so that you can easily see what the contents are when looking from outside the storage unit. You should also remember to pack books flatly so that you don’t ruin the spines.

Other Packing Tips

You should make sure to defrost and wash out appliances before storing them in a unit. Climate controlled units are especially good when storing precious goods that are made of wood, leather or plastic. If you have valuables that you would like to hide in a unit, you should make sure that these are near the back and covered.

It’s important to keep an inventory of what you’ve packed and remember what you’ve labeled. If you pack your items in an organized way, it will be easy to find what you need when you need it.