Garden Equipment Storage


With self storage options for gardening and landscaping, savvy people can organize and store all of their equipment in one place. Many times it’s a hassle to find a place at home for wheelbarrows, lawn mowers, hoses, shovels and weed whackers particularly when the season doesn’t call for a lot of lawn maintenance. When you want to keep everything in one organized space, storage units become the best solution because you get a lot of space for a cheap rate, and you don’t have to worry about building a shed or clearing out a garage in order to store some important tools. These are some tips and benefits for storing gardening tools and more in a self storage unit.

Hose Help

Storage units provide a unique space to take care of all your bulky hoses and garden tools. With adhesive hooks, you can easily hang hoses on the side of your storage unit and keep them ready for those seasons when watering your lawn and garden are a necessary routine. Large hooks with steep angles are the best types of storage for garden hoses.

Handier the Better

Gardening tools like handheld shovels can find a convenient spot next to your lawn equipment in a storage unit. With a tool hanger adhesive, you get all the prongs to hold your tools upright and easily reached when you need them for a day of gardening. Shelves, tool cabinets and stacking bins are another way to make your tools more accessible in a storage unit.

Shelf Rack

A mobile or stationary wire shelf rack is ideal for garden equipment storage. You can place hoses, plant feed, mulch, tools, pots, gloves, watering cans and other miscellaneous items on your shelves while freeing up space on the ground for storage bins and boxes.

Clutter Be Gone

Magnetic Bars
Garden equipment needs a place to hang out without getting in the way at home. Storage units provide ample space to hang up shelves and hooks or stack bins and boxes with your garden equipment. Small storage units are ideal for lawn equipment, but you can always get more use out of a larger storage unit if you have bigger items to store such as a lawn mower, weed whacker or riding lawn mower.

Mechanics are one of the people who have a lot of tools in a small space. They use magnetic strips to hold all of their small tools. This is beneficial for anyone who has a lot of garden gear like trowels. Magnetic strips usually can be hung with an adhesive and provide a sturdy hold for these small tools.

Professional Lawn Equipment Storage

Landscaping contractors often use storage units to keep all of their commercial lawn gear instead of trying to store it at home or keeping it all in their trucks. This option allows you to keep your supplies in one central location and also cuts down on the cost of having a large lot with multiple storage sheds. You can have your central office and keep secure storage units full of your extra landscaping equipment.

Space for Larger Equipment

Storage units come in all sizes and provide up to 200 square feet or more of space. When you have to storage lots of different lawn mowers, riding mowers, snow plows and weed whackers, it’s ideal to have a big enough space for all of your equipment and the vehicles that you need as well.

With storage units, you can neatly create a garden and landscaping equipment space that is cost-effective and central to your home or commercial landscaping business. They are secure, easy to purchase and come in a variety of different sizes to storage everything that you need.