Boxes & Packing Supplies



When moving things into storage, there is a right way and a less right to do things. While bags may seem more convenient, they’re actually more of a mess inside of a storage unit and can lead to mildew. That’s why so many people choose stacking boxes to store their items in a storage unit. People head out to grocery stores and other department stores in search of boxes, but these aren’t the best for storage units because they are often not sturdy enough and come in too many different shapes. If you want to protect your belongings and create a neat storage space, packing boxes and other supplies are a great resource.

Benefits of Purchasing Boxes
You can purchase boxes all at the same time in a variety of sizes depending on your needs. The standard size of packing boxes are all similar, so it’s easier to stack them once you put your stuff inside. Sturdy, high quality boxes are better for stacking items as well. You can place heavier items in these boxes while also being able to preserve your items in a durable, long-lasting box. when boxes are no longer needed, you can donate them or give away to others who are moving. They can also be broken down and saved for when you move again.

How to Pick and Choose Packing Materials
The first step is deciding what your packing boxes will carry. You also want to be able to transport your boxes easily from your car to the storage unit. You can purchase standard boxes, smaller boxes and even boxes for hanging items.

Tape will be your best friend as you pack different boxes. Tape is necessary for securing boxes both on the top and bottom ends of each box. You should also double tape boxes to make them sturdier if they are holding heavier items.
When protecting valuables, you don’t want to use newsprint as it will transfer onto your valuables after a length of time. You can use wrapping paper or butcher paper, paper towels and foam sheets to wrap your items instead. Felt and bubble wrap are great choices for higher valuable items.

You can purchase packing kits for glasses and dishes to keep them more secure in the boxes. They come with dividers and foam packets for more protective and neat storage. Fabric-lined boxes and containers can also be purchased for other valuables.

Shrink wrap is a great choice for wrapping appliances, dressers, desks, cabinets and other wooden furniture to keep the drawers together as you move each of the items. You should take off the shrink-wrap once you’ve placed them in the storage unit.

Covers for fabric furniture like sofas and chairs can be purchases as well. These are sealed plastic covers that can be used for protecting furniture as you move into storage. However you should remove these plastic covers once you move the items into the storage unit as they can grow mold and mildew. Canvas tarp is also a good way to protect items inside the storage unit if only going into storage for a short period of time.

Where to Buy Boxes and Packing Supplies
Most storage facilities offer a bevy of different boxes and packing supplies at a cheap cost. You can buy all of your boxes, tape, foam, shrink-wrap, bubble wrap and specialty boxes to keep all of your items neatly stored and stacked. There are also a variety of storage stores online that sell different boxes and packing supplies as well.

When you need to create the ultimate, neatly packed space, stacking boxes are an essential resource. While some miscellaneous boxes from department stores may help for your move, stacking boxes have better potential because they are easily positioned and stored in storage units.