Antique Storage


Treasures come in all shapes and sizes. Art and antiques are often the most valuable treasures because they represent memories and people from the past. As an antique item or investment, you can store these precious goods with self storage units. Not only is this the best way to manage your inventory, but it’s a safe and secure location with climate controlled options to keep your antiques free of damage and warping.

Find the Best Antique Storage Unit

When you purchase storage space, there are a few things to look for so that your antique items and artworks aren’t damaged in any way. These include:

  • Climate control
  • Drive up access
  • 24/7 security
  • Storage insurance

With climate controlled units, you have a central air and heat system to always maintain the temperature of the storage unit. The humidity will be balanced, and there are even facilities that use dehumidifiers to ensure that a space remains safe for heirlooms and art. If you have a unit that is below ground, dehumidifiers may be essential.

Drive up access is another benefit to storage units. This allows you to transport as many unique items in the easiest way possible. You can damage fragile items when you have a long way to walk or carry boxes, so drive up access is a big reason why people choose storage units to keep their antique goods and artifacts. Dollies and carts may also be available at the storage facility for safer transportation to the unit.

Most storage facilities are secured with 24/7 surveillance, guards and electronic security access. With all of these features, it’s difficult for burglars to ransack storage units. Video surveillance is key to keeping your storage unit safe. You should always ask about the security of your storage before purchase.

Storage insurance protects your specialty artifacts from any sort of natural disaster, high humidity for climate controlled units and burglary. While some heirlooms may not be protected, it’s always best to check with the facility about how to protect your items even further if they are valuable.

Store with Care

When packing items into a storage unit, you definitely want to keep your boxes and storage bins sealed tight and labeled for easy access later on. You should also make sure that fragile items are covered and insulated. Clear plastic wrap or bubble wrap is the best way to protect these items while also being able to see what you’re storing.

Large antique items like furniture pieces and mirrors should be free standing in the unit but also protected with a covering. For any antique storage, you should also make sure that your pieces will withstand extreme weather conditions. Leather, wood and jewelry may warp or tarnish in the heat. You can wipe down metal with a little oil to prevent rust.

The Right Self Storage Size

Storage units come in small, medium and large spaces. They go from 25 to over 200 feet depending on what you want to store. For smaller antiques that can be stacked in boxes, you may only need a small square of space. For antique vehicles and large paintings, it may be better to have a larger unit. These are cost effective choices when compared to the upkeep necessary to keep the items at home, where they may also encounter harsher treatment in garages or sheds.

When you need to store your antique goods, it’s imperative that you pick out the right storage unit. You can organize and store your inventory in a secure space while also creating a central location to show antique goods to other collectors.