Small Storage Units

Small Storage Units Graphic

If you need extra storage for your winter clothes, chest of drawers, small boxes and miscellaneous items, small storage units are a great option. There are a variety of smaller storage units to choose from ranging in 5′ by 5′ to 7.5′ by 10′ feet units. These units were designed for convenient access and security features that ensure valuables will remain in the right place.

These units were designed to meet the  needs of any self storage customer. You can have convenient access to your storage whenever you need, and you get the right size for what you need to store. Our units are comparable to the size of a walk-in closet or small bedroom. Even within this limited space, you can still fit a lot like chest of drawers, several boxes, bicycles, standard file boxes, couch, chair or mattress set. With this model, you only pay for the storage that you need.

Unit Size Equivalent to: This Unit will hold:
(25 Sq. Ft.)
Regular Closet is the smallest storage unit and has 25 square feet of space for what you need to store. This unit is best if you have stackable boxes, upright furniture such as bookcases or other small pieces of furniture.
(50 Sq. Ft.)
Walk-in Closet offers 50 square feet of self storage space. You can fit more furniture into this unit such as a couch, chair, mattress set, tons of boxes, television set, safes, lamps or other small furniture items.
(75 Sq. Ft.)
Large Closet offers 75 square feet of space and is like a large walk-in closet with lots of room for desks, patio furniture, stacked washer and dryer combinations, boxes and other small pieces of furniture.