Medium Storage Units

Medium Storage Units GraphicWhen you have a lot of valuable items to store, want more organization or just plan on going out of the country for a while, you need a bigger space to store your furniture. Medium storage units are just the answer. These self storage units comprise more space and can often handle larger pieces of furniture. They range in size from 10′ x 10′ to 10′ x 15′ with over 100 square feet of secured storage.

These self storage units offer the best options for people who have a small house worth of furniture that they need to store or if they want more space to organize. The space is about equal to a studio or one bedroom apartment depending on the size that you select. Medium sized storage units are the best idea if you want a lot of room for everything that you need to store. Many people with large estates or who plan to sell leftover furniture and appliances purchase storage units to organize all of their items. You can also use these units with other family members to share the costs and benefits. As with other storage units, you also get security and any time access.

See our medium size storage unit options:

Unit Size Equivalent to: This Unit will hold:
(100 Sq. Ft.)
Small Bedroom This storage unit offers the best room for refrigerators, washers, dryers, dishwashers, other large appliances, sofas, bureaus, large desks, entertainment equipment and plus size boxes.
(150 Sq. Ft.)
Large Bedroom has 150 square feet space for self storage. This storage unit can fit more furniture such as multiple chairs, sofas, mattress sets, major appliances, boxes, bookcases, desks and much more.