Self Storage in Pop Culture – “American Dad!”

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We love self storage here at FLS, and the rest of the world is starting to catch on to our passion! Recent media focus is directing more attention than ever to the storage industry. Television shows such as “Auction Hunters” and “Storage Wars” are inspiring self storage trivia competitions among fans. Additionally, storage facilities nationwide are enjoying a spike in unit rentals and prompt payments of fees.

“American Dad!” is an award-winning, animated television show for adults. One of the main characters is a zany alien named Roger. Reportedly having arrived in Roswell, NM, during the famous UFO cover-up of 1947, Roger stashed his spaceship in a Roswell self storage unit before heading out to explore the world.

In the episode entitled, “Weiner of Our Discontent,” a spat with his human friend Stan drives Roger back to Roswell to get his ship. Stan doesn’t believe the ship exists until Roger rolls up the door of his storage unit to reveal the off-worldly vessel. In the show, the self storage unit is a magical space that can hold virtually anything that will fit, including an alien spaceship.

Granted, “American Dad!” is a fictional program. Nevertheless, the story does make you wonder whether a UFO similar in size and shape to the vessel that crashed near Roswell in 1947 would fit inside a typically sized locker.

The answer depends on which story you favor. Government reports claimed that the Roswell UFO was a weather balloon, which, if deflated, could feasibly fit into a 5 x 5 foot unit. In contrast, eye witnesses described the craft as a 50-yard-wide, disc-shaped pile of metal. Even the largest storage size options would not be able to accommodate this kind of item.

Shows like “American Dad!” and new interest in self storage trivia are boosting the popularity of the storage industry. Now, not only do customers perceive storage facilities as convenient but also associate them with fun.

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