Winter Storage Musts

Frozen bike

You lovingly swaddled each item in bubble wrap. You bought plastic storage bins in every available size. But how safe are your treasured keepsakes when Old Man Winter arrives in the form of a Polar Vortex?

Many keepsakes and household items may appear to be durable, but extreme weather can bring surprising effects. The following items are frequently destroyed in subfreezing temperatures.

–CDs and DVDs that are stored in bitter cold can become damaged and cause errors when played. Manufacturers recommend storing compact discs in “snapper cases.” These cases are made of cardboard but sealed securely with a plastic lip.

–Computers, SIM cards or anything with an electrical circuit can be completely destroyed in subfreezing temperatures. The only way to truly protect these items is to move them into climate-controlled storage units. If outside storage is the only option, be certain to back up any information stored on the devices.

–Batteries are frequently drained in cold weather, so don’t store these in the garage or attic.

–Terra-cotta pots can swell and crack in extremely cold temperatures. Lessen the possibility of breakage by placing the pots on their sides in wooden bins while storing.

–Although wooden bins are nice for storage, be aware that wood shrinks and swells in temperature fluctuations. Storing treasured wooden keepsakes in an attic or garage will damage these items permanently. Again, a climate-controlled storage unit might be your best option for winter storage.

Many people try to insulate attics and garages to protect keepsakes and household items in extreme temperatures. Unfortunately, the only way to eliminate the possibility of weather damage is to keep the items inside the house or in climate-controlled storage units. Some people resist storage units due to the cost; however, self storage is inexpensive when you consider the damage that extreme temperatures can cause, and you may be able to find storage in your area for a very reasonable price. Check out Find Local Storage’s search engine to find affordable storage near you.