A Winter Home for Your Motorcycle

man cleaning motorcycle

When temperatures drop and cold winds pick up, cruising the open road loses some of its thrill. Those wheels have earned a winter vacation, so why not let your bike relax in style? It deserves more than a cramped corner in the garage. This year, pamper your favorite ride with secure motorcycle storage.

Spare the Garage

If you want to figure minimum garage floor space for a motorcycle, the math is easy. Your bike takes up a 10-foot by 5-foot area, so you’re surrendering 50 square feet. That’s half the room you need to park a car and space that’s not available for general storage. In a perfect world, you’d never crowd your bike with holiday decorations and camping gear, but limited space puts a brake on turning the garage into a good home for your motorcycle.

Spoil the Bike

Parking your motorcycle in self storage offers an affordable solution to crowded garage problems, and it provides working space for winterizing the bike. Inexpensive shelves in your unit can hold the disconnected battery along with tools and extra gear. After you’ve filled up the tank and added a good fuel stabilizer, get those tires off the concrete. Wooden pallets help them stay in shape through the winter, and your bike rides out cold weather high and dry.

Enjoy Motorcycle Storage

While your wheels appreciate snug winter protection in a self storage unit, you enjoy the security that comes from parking the bike at a modern facility. Very few home garages feature locked gates, surveillance cameras and personal keypad access 24/7. And if you choose a climate controlled unit, you have the perfect winter home away from home for your favorite bike. Factor in the low cost of self storage, and you’re looking at a permanent place to park those wheels. If your garage and motorcycle could talk, they’d both thank you all year long.

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