Use Self Storage as your Food Drive Base

food drive box

During the holidays, people are always eager to help their communities. However, people still need help throughout the rest of the year, and the spirit of giving shouldn’t be confined to a few months. In recognition of that, February is National Canned Food Month, making it the perfect month to host a food drive.

A canned food drive is a great way to deliver much-needed food to hungry families. The way it works is that one person agrees to provide food storage for donated canned goods and other non-perishable items. Food might be donated by coworkers, members of an organization, friends and family, or even strangers. You can even ask grocery stores and other businesses if you can put up donation boxes for people to drop off canned goods and other items for your cause.

Once you’ve collected food, you can transport it to a local food bank, women’s shelter, soup kitchen or other charitable organization. Until then though, you’ll need a solution for food storage. A successful food drive can generate thousands of canned goods and other items, and these will take up a lot of space in your house. Additionally, even non-perishable food will expire eventually, especially if it’s subjected to warmth or dampness.

You can save space in your house and make food last longer by using a self storage unit to store your food drive loot. Units stay dark and cool, extending the shelf life of your items. A self storage unit is also easily accessible, making it easy for you to drop off and load items throughout your drive, and you don’t have to worry about volunteers coming into your home to gather items. It’s important to choose a climate controlled storage unit when considering storing non-perishable food items to keep them in ideal condition. Also, reference you storage facility’s guide on what not to store.

If you’re thinking of participating in National Canned Food Month by hosting a food drive in your community, consider using a self storage unit to make things easier. Use to locate a storage facility near you.

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