How to Turn Your Extra Room into a Yoga Studio

woman meditating

If you have a spare room in your home and enjoy practicing yoga, consider creating your own yoga sanctuary. A yoga studio will provide the space and peace that you need to meditate and improve your yoga skills. Removing a few pieces of furniture and adding some key elements will help you transform your extra room into a calming oasis.


Before you can create your yoga studio, you need to de-clutter your spare room. If the room is filled with furniture, you’ll have trouble focusing on your breathing and quieting your thoughts. Instead of simply pushing your furniture out of the way, consider renting a storage unit. You can use your extra storage to stow away unwanted furniture and large items that don’t fit into other places in your home.

Decoration Changes

If your spare room’s current decorations distract your attention too much, you’ll need to make some changes to create a stress-free environment. Old artwork and other knickknacks can go into your storage unit. A new coat of paint can dramatically alter your spare room and prepare it to become a yoga studio. Consider choosing calming colors, such as a light blue or green, to create a peaceful room in your house.

Yoga Essentials

To finish your yoga studio, collect a few essential items. A yoga mat will keep your clothes clean and give you traction during yoga poses. You may also want to invest in other yoga props, including blocks and straps. If you plan to do yoga with a friend or family member, consider buying extra yoga gear for them to use. If you enjoy listening to peaceful music while doing yoga, add a CD player or a Bluetooth speaker for your smartphone. You can also set up a TV in your studio if you enjoy watching yoga videos during your practice.

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