Tips for Proper Metal Storage

Are you looking for a place to put metal items that have sentimental value? Whether you’re planning to store jewelry, picture frames or silverware, the key to keeping your metal safe in storage is cleaning it properly first. Use these self storage tips to keep your metals looking their best.

Getting Metal Ready for Storage

It’s important to get your metal clean before you put it in storage. Dirt, dust, and grime can cause tarnishing that may be difficult to remove in the future. Be sure that you use cleaning methods and solutions that apply to the specific type of metal.

Silver should be polished with a mild soap specifically made for metal use. Use tissue acid free tissue paper or silver cleaning to avoid damage.

Clean jewelry with solution made for use on gold, bronze and other metals. Be sure to use appropriate tools to clean any gemstones that are included in jewelry pieces. For example, diamonds should be cleaned with a soft brush.

If you’re storing copper that has already become tarnished, you can use a simple mixture of white vinegar and salt to remove the buildup. You can either scrub the piece by hand, but to make removal even easier, try submerging it in the salt and vinegar mixture and bringing it to a boil until all the grime is removed

Keeping Your Metal Safe

What should you do with your silverware, jewelry or other metal objects that are not used on a regular basis? You want to keep your prized possessions safe, but you just do not have the room for storage. There’s no need to take up valuable space in your home. Storage units offer the safety and climate-controlled environment that you need for excellent metal storage. It will help to ensure that your items look beautiful when you’re hosting a dinner party, dressing up for a special event, or simply reminiscing while looking at old photographs.

A self storage unit allows you to retain easy access to your metals. Rent a unit to gain peace of mind when you need to keep your prized possessions safely stored.

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