The Smallest Houses in the World

Hand holding a small house with field in background

As far as trends go, “tiny houses” – or really small homes usually under 500 square feet – are becoming a big thing. It takes a lot of sacrifice to move into such a small space, and in these cases, additional household storage in the form of self storage just might be the most necessary thing to make this lifestyle work.

Take a look at some of the world’s most charming, innovative tiny houses for a peek into the small life:

1. Miniature House, Toronto – You might miss it tucked between two traditional homes, but this little gem isn’t a replica. Its original builder enjoyed all 312 square feet for 20 years, and the house is still occupied today. It charms neighbors with a tiny front yard, porch and walkway.

2. Former Pigeon Coop, Barcelona – The owner of this Spanish hideaway converted 258 square feet of rooftop space into a cozy home with a balcony overlooking the city. He climbs 100 steps to the front door and makes his little house work with moveable wall panels.

3. Simple Space, Seattle – This 140-square foot home was inspired by a desire to leave the area’s busy tech industry behind and live a simpler life. The tiny one-room house features designated areas for cooking, living and dining with bunk-style sleeping in its loft.

4. Earth-Friendly Eco-Cube, Scotland – Designed to prove that a house doesn’t have to impact the environment, this minimalist construction compacts all the comforts of home into 100 square feet. True to its mission, the house draws power from rooftop solar panels.

5. Alley House, Rome – It took an architect to see the potential in this alleyway property just off Saint Peter’s Square. His talents turned 75 square feet of abandoned space into a comfortable home with a full kitchen, bath and LED television for viewing from a lofted sofa bed.

But it doesn’t always take a tiny home to make your home feel claustrophobic. If it feels like your normal-sized house belongs on this list, tackle household storage with self storage options that give you plenty breathing room. Reclaim lost space, and enjoy living in a home that fits you perfectly. To find self storage in your area, visit today.

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