Storing Christmas Decorations

ornaments in box

The holiday season has come and gone, meaning it’s time to put those decorations back in storage. If you’re tight on space or just need more seasonal storage, a self storage unit gives you plenty of space without having to stuff your closets for the year.

Looking for More Decoration Storage Space

Holiday decorations pile up year after year as you buy new wreathes, plastic reindeer and blinking lights. Though all of these decorations require space that you may not have, a self storage unit provides additional space for your decorations, wrapping, gift boxes and more. You don’t have to take up space in your closet, and you keep everything safe, secure and stored away until the next holiday season.

Tips for Storing Holiday Decorations

Make sure to store lights, garland and other stringed decorations in separate boxes to minimize tangling. Place all of your tree ornaments in their original packaging, and stack each package in a larger box marked “ornaments.” When stacking the ornaments box in the storage unit, stack it on top of other boxes to prevent smashing the delicate ornaments inside.

Wrap holiday mugs, candles and wreathes separately, and store them all in their own marked boxes. Place the largest boxes in the storage unit first, such as the artificial tree box. Afterward, store other holiday boxes in order of their use or frailty. You should write the name of the contents on each box to prevent confusion when removing the storage items later.

Get More Seasonal Storage for Your Decorations

When you run out of decoration storage space, consider a self storage unit. It not only provides that extra space you don’t have but also helps you organize your decorations more conveniently. As a result, you get more storage space at home by keeping your holiday decorations stored in its own self storage unit. To find a self storage unit for all of your holiday decorations, use

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