How to Store your Snow Blower (and other winter items)

Winter man

The advent of spring means that it is time to put away your snow blower, winter recreational equipment and heavy clothing. Since these items tend to be large and bulky, they can take up a lot of space inside your home or garage. Self storage can be the ideal solution. Storage units are convenient, secure and available in a variety of sizes. Be sure to store your winter gear properly to preserve it for the next snow season.

Once you select the appropriate unit, you can prepare your items for storage.
• Drain the fuel from your snow blower and run the engine until the tank is empty.
• Change the oil. Remove the spark plug and squirt a small amount of oil in the opening.      Crank the engine three or four times to disseminate the oil. Reinsert the spark plug.
• Lubricate moving parts and tightens all nut, bolts and screws.
• Clean the blower, remove rust and paint any bare metal.
• Place the blower on a piece of wood so the tires are not in direct contact with cement.

Recreational equipment, such as skis and snowboards, require care before storage as well. The best time to prepare the equipment for next season is before they are placed inside storage units.
• Clean the equipment thoroughly.
• Have the equipment tuned.
• Repair any dings and dents. Check and repair the bindings.
• Fix or replace broken ski poles.
• Place the skis and snowboards in padded gear bags, and hang the bag from a heavy weight hook or ski rack.
• Fastened all the buckles and place your boots, along with miscellaneous equipment like ski locks, in a padded boot bag for protection.

Winter garments should be clean and dry before placing them in self storage. Place folded or rolled clothes in a large airtight plastic container, then add a few cedar chips before securing the lid. Label boxes so you know what clothes are in each box.

Now you can keep the relics of winter out of sight and out of mind and get ready for some summer fun! To find a storage unit near you, check out

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