Wine Storage for National Drink Wine Day

Wine in storage

February 18, marks a little known, but none the less very important holiday… National Drink Wine Day! In honor of this refreshing holiday, Find Local Storage is providing you with some insider tips on how to properly store your wine.

Wine storage is a fairly delicate business. For centuries peoples have been experimenting with how best to protect this treasured liquid. While home storage works for some, serious wine enthusiasts can soon find themselves overwhelmed by their collections. Instead of letting wine racks and bottles take over your house, you can whisk them away to a self storage unit for safekeeping. Self storage facilities are actually an ideal location for storing wine!

Proper wine storage requires a particular temperature. To be exact, wine should be placed in an area that is 50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Garages are often too cold and homes are often too warm to meet these requirements. Self storage units, on the other hand, offer climate control, allowing you to set your unit at the appropriate temperature for your wine. This is far more practical and far less costly than paying to keep your home at 50 degrees (who would want to live like that anyway… brr!)

Many people believe that large refrigerators are an adequate place to keep their wine, but in reality they can be harmful to your collection. Refrigerators tend to vibrate. It may seem strange, but these vibrations are actually detrimental to wine as they break down the beverage’s essential components. Even if these movements seem negligible, over time they can alter and degrade your wine. Storage units provide a steady and controlled environment for optimal wine conditions.

Self storage units also provide the benefit of protecting your wine from direct light. Exposing your wine to light, especially sun light, can cause long-term issues. The sun’s ultra violet rays can lower wine’s quality and cause it to age too quickly. Even if you are able to keep wine out of the sun, storing it in a regular room might not be enough to protect it. While light bulbs probably won’t affect the actual wine, they can fade the bottles’ label, which in turn ruins their value. By putting your wine in self storage, you can ensure it remain in total darkness until it’s time to pop the cork.
If you’re serious about your wine, but can’t pay to have a wine cellar constructed for your home, consider a storage unit as a more affordable and equally effective option. Pick a storage facility that offers indoor, climate controlled units and great security features. This way you’ll always know your special vintages are well cared for. Many facilities are even beginning to incorporate specific wine storage services, such as wine delivery, direct shipment, cataloging, inventory maintenance and certification services!

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