Tips to Combining Households

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Between juggling two busy schedules and planning for the big move-in day, it’s easy to feel squeezed for time and hard to decide where to start when it comes to combining households. Yet this should be a time for celebration, not insanity. All you need are a few smart strategies for pulling it all off.

Sort It All Out

You don’t need two dining room tables, there won’t be room for a pair of sofas, and both kitchens are full of pots and pans. Take an honest assessment of who wants to keep what, and agree to park the extras in a secure storage unit. Some leftovers are destined for a weekend garage sale, but utilizing household storage now gives you more room to get organized for the big move.

Pack Up with Purpose

Combining households calls for the power of real organizing, so inventory all your belongings according to their final destination. Is that box of dishes headed for the storage unit? Does your old camping gear have garage sale potential? Will the extra recliner follow you to the new address? Label boxes and belongings with color codes that let you know at a glance what goes where in both the house and household storage unit.

Avoid the Rush

Treat yourself to the luxury of staying ahead of schedule. When moving day comes, you’ll be directing the relocation project from two different addresses. Decide ahead of time on a storage unit that’s convenient to the old locations and your new place. Cash in on that garage sale a few weeks before the move, and you’ll have fewer things to pack, load and store.

Combining households takes time and patience, so to reduce the stress, work with smart planning and focused packing strategies. Stick to your schedule, make those arrangements for self storage, and then relax knowing you’re ready for the big move.

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