Storing Electronics and Media Safely in Storage

storing and moving electronics safely

We live in an age where electronic devices and their accessories are indispensable and commonplace. As a result, there is a good chance that you will have to pack and store your gadgets when you move or renovate. Flat panel televisions, computers, video game consoles and other items, such as modems and game collections, are significant high-dollar investments. You should take proper care to protect those investments when moving or storing these items.

Packing Electronics for Storage

Even though many of these items have robust plastic shells, they can still be damaged. If possible, place electronic equipment in its original packaging. These boxes contain preformed foam pieces and custom inserts designed for electronics storage. If they are not available, use sturdy boxes large enough to hold the device and a sufficient amount of cushioning material. Flat panel televisions can be wrapped in several layers of padded moving blankets. Store the television upright against a wall. Do not lay it flat or place anything on top of the screen. This will help ensure the screen is not damaged.

How to Store Electronic Media and Accessories

Electronic media is delicate and can be easily ruined. You should store games, DVDs, and other electronic media in their original packaging. If the packaging is not available, purchase specialized electronics storage containers designed for that particular medium. Place the media in larger boxes with sufficient packing material.

You should also take care not to lose peripheral items, such as a mouse, remote control, joysticks or connecting cables that you will need when setting your equipment back up. Disconnect smaller items and place them along with cables and remotes in a clear plastic bag taped to the backside of the appropriate electronic device so they will not get lost. Clearly label all boxes.

Importance of Climate Control

Electronic equipment and media are highly sensitive to temperature changes and humidity. Liquid crystal display screens may freeze if the temperature gets too cold. Extreme cold or hot temperatures can weaken the solder joints when the sensitive equipment contracts and expands. The moisture present during very humid conditions can corrode and damage internal components.

In addition to finding a self storage facility nearby, use the helpful database to search the types and sizes of climate controlled units that are available. These convenient locations can also be used to safely store your other belongings as well.

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