Storage Unit Auction Finds

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Everybody daydreams about hidden treasure, but how often does self storage play a part in the fantasy? If you’ve ever enjoyed a storage unit auction, you know the answer. While most sales net bargains on furniture and clothes, you still thrill at the chance to hit a storage jackpot. Just imagine the amazing things you might find.

Pearl Buck’s Unpublished Novel

Family matters can become messy, and even famous people aren’t immune to squabbles over an estate. That’s the only explanation for this remarkable find in a self storage unit. In 1973, Nobel and Pulitzer prize-winning author Pearl Buck passed away in Vermont. Forty years later, a routine storage unit auction was held in Fort Worth, Texas. The contents included two copies of an unpublished novel, and authentication confirmed that the manuscripts were written by Buck. The new owner graciously returned them to their intended owners for an undisclosed fee.

$500,000 in a Rubbermaid Tub

You know how easy it is to stash things in a plastic tub headed for the storage unit. But how hard could it be to forget filling that convenient container with gold and silver bars? Wouldn’t you remember tossing in 16th century Spanish doubloons? No one came forward to answer those questions in 2011 when a lucky buyer paid $1100 for an abandoned unit in San Jose, California. Most speculated that the original owner had passed away or might be in prison, but he was never identified. The buyer also preferred to remain anonymous.

An Original Superman Comic

Nicolas Cage was understandably upset when someone stole his 1938 copy of the first publication from Action Comics. His Superman comic was valued at $1 million dollars, but an investigation by Los Angeles police came up empty-handed. That wasn’t the case for an unsuspecting buyer bidding on the contents of a self storage unit 11 years later. The new owner contacted an expert for help selling the paper prize, but the publication’s pedigree gave it away. The original Superman comic now belongs to Cage’s insurance company.

Don’t worry about your family heirlooms becoming someone else’s treasure, though. Facilities only use storage unit auctions as a last resort, and these days it’s easy to manage self storage online. If you love a good bargain, why not try your luck at the next sale? You never know what’s hiding behind those doors, and that’s why it’s so much fun. If you’re looking for a storage facility to store your loot, use

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