Storage for a Semester

College Students on Lawn Studying

Going off to college is a huge decision and one you’ve likely spent a lot of time considering. After all, college opens up a world of new opportunities, including job and networking chances. Most college students look forward to earning their degrees, taking new classes, learning new things, and making friendships that will last for years to come.

One of the biggest challenges for many students going off to college is not the educational path itself, but the decision to store some of their belongings. Many students can’t leave their extra belongings at home. Maybe your mom has big plans to remodel your bedroom and turn it into a home gym or your dad wants to make it his office. Either way, if your parents make you bring all of your things to school, you’ll need to find a place to put them.

If you’re living in the dorms or a small apartment, sometimes storing your things for a semester is a great way to keep your belongings without overcrowding your bedroom. After all, a dorm room is especially small when shared with a roommate. Don’t add stress or anxiety to your roommate relationship by over stuffing your dorm room. Instead, consider finding a storage solution for your belongings that you couldn’t leave at home.

Additionally, storing your items is a great way to keep your extra art projects and art supplies. Instead of leaving these items around your apartment or dorm room during a break, you’ll be able to know that your important things are safely stored together in a place you can quickly gain access to.

You can find local storage units and other storage options close to campus. It’s important to choose a location that is close to where you live in order to ensure that your items are easily accessible when you need them. Never make the mistake of opting for a cheap storage unit that is two towns away. That’s not going to do you any good when you have to drive two hours to find the dresser you stored. Instead, choose something as close as possible, preferably within a few minutes drive.

When you choose to store your belongings, make sure you go through everything first. Box up your possessions in cardboard or plastic boxes. Note that if you aren’t opting for a climate controlled storage unit, you’ll want to choose plastic boxes to make sure your items stay as secure, safe, and dry as possible. Humidity can build up and cause mold or mildew damage to cardboard boxes if the temperature isn’t regulated, so it’s a good idea to choose plastic boxes in these cases. Make sure you label each box so that you can easily find your things when you’re ready to look for them. Don’t waste any more time than you have to sifting through your belongings.