Do You Have a Stamp Collection?

stamp collection

Stamp collecting is a very interesting hobby for many enthusiasts. Did you know that on July 1st, 1847, postage stamps went on sale in the United States for the first time? Ever since the first postage stamp was issued, stamp collectors have been fascinated with different types of stamps from all around the world. Today, it’s estimated that 25 million Americans collect stamps for a hobby, and up to 200 million people who collect stamps worldwide.

Stamp Collection Basics

If you’re planning on starting a stamp collection, then you’ll need some basic equipment. A set of stamp tongs, a magnifying glass and a notebook is a good place to start. Many people like to use stamp hinges for their notebooks to secure their special stamps in place. For the serious stamp collector, buy a stockbook with clear pockets to insert your special stamps. To organize your stamp collection, you can put your stamps in order of subject, country or size. However you choose to display your prized collection, everyone will be impressed! Of course, be sure to ask your friends and family to save their stamped envelopes for your new collection.

Stamp Collection Storage Tips

One of the most important storage tips for preserving your stamps is finding a place to safely keep your collection. To prevent any potential damage, stamps should be stored away from heat, light and moisture. A climate controlled collectibles storage unit makes an ideal location for keeping your valuable stamp collection safe. In addition, your stamps can be in one centralized location and kept from getting lost in the shuffle of everyday life.

If you’re serious about starting a stamp collection, make sure that you have the tools, knowledge and collectibles storage necessary. Secure a climate controlled storage unit in your area through You’ll be setting yourself up for a fun and potentially profitable hobby!

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