Staging Your Home for the Housing Market

open concept living room and kitchen

When you’re trying to sell your home, it’s vital that potential buyers are able to envision the space as their own. Savvy sellers know that home staging is an invaluable tool that can make the difference between selling a home quickly and having it languish on the housing market.

Make a Clean Sweep

The first step in any home staging plan is a ruthless decluttering. Crowded spaces are distracting and make prospective buyers think that the house lacks sufficient household storage. Begin this process by going through your home and removing personal items. You want buyers to picture their families living here, and that’s something that can be tough to do if your family’s presence is everywhere. Because buyers will be very interested in what household storage space is available, don’t cram your personal things in a closet, attic or basement. Instead, rent a storage unit and use it to stow personal items, seasonal items, extra furniture and anything else that you don’t need so that both your rooms and your closets appear as spacious as possible. Once you’ve removed the clutter, give your home a thorough cleaning. Grime makes an area seem tired and uncared for. Clean, fresh spaces invite buyers in and encourage them to explore the possibilities.

Highlight Potential

While presenting an uncrowded space is important, a blank slate can make it difficult for buyers to see the possibilities that your home offers. Help them imagine occupying the space; place furniture to convey the functionality of your spaces and be sure to give each room a clear purpose. Display attractive groupings of generic items to help buyers visualize their own possessions there. Aim for a unisex vibe to appeal to the widest range of buyers by avoiding details like d├ęcor, window treatments or bedding that is overtly feminine or masculine. Most importantly, let the light shine in. Airy, bright spaces are attractive, so open the curtains and make the most of the available sunshine. If a room tends to be dark, place lamps strategically and consider painting it a light color to brighten it up.

Creating a place that prospective buyers can imagine calling home can help your home sell faster. If you’re ready to start staging your home, but you need a little assistance finding a suitable storage unit to hold your possessions, then our helpful self storage database is the perfect tool for you. Use it today to search for self-storage facilities in your area!

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