Spokane Storage Units Offer Residents Secure and Quality Storage

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If you are tired of moving boxes of out-of-season clothing when you want to reach something in the back of a closet, you might be tempted to donate everything to a charity. On the other hand, some of your favorite clothing is in those boxes and you cannot bear parting with it.You might find yourself moving to another town temporarily, but you do not want to move all your household goods to a new location for just a few months. You really do not want to impose on your friends and family by asking them to store your things until you come back.

Renting a storage unit may be the perfect solution for handling your household clutter. It is more convenient and less embarrassing than asking to borrow a corner of a relative’s basement.

It pays to do your homework before you visit the first storage company office you find in the phone book. There are several factors to consider when choosing the right place to store your stuff.

You will need to know approximately how much you need to store. Here are some rough estimates:

• An average closet will fit into a 25 square foot unit. This is the closet where you most likely keep toys, business records, skis, or small pieces of furniture.
• A walk-in closet requires 50 square feet. This is the place where you stash spare furniture, such as sofas, box springs and mattresses, and chairs.
• A large closet is 75 feet square and is where you store larger quantities of furniture, business records, and business supplies.
• Items from a small one-bedroom apartment usually fit comfortably into a 100 square foot unit. It will hold furniture and appliances.
• A larger two-bedroom apartment requires a 150 square foot unit, enough room to store more furniture, appliances, and related household items.

Once you know how big or how small a storage unit you will need, you will next need to decide on a climate-controlled unit or one without air conditioning or heating. A climate-controlled unit is a must if you plan to store anything that will suffer if it gets too hot, too cold, or damp. A unit without climate control costs less and may serve you well if you are only going to be storing skis and toys.

Northwest Self Storage in Spokane has units that are just the right size for your needs at a price you can afford. Our staff is happy to discuss your individual needs and answer your questions and concerns.

Maybe you do not need to store any furniture or clothing. You might need a safe and secure place to keep your recreational vehicle during the winter, a small workspace for your hobbies, or a good location for storing your business paperwork. Northwest Self Storage can accommodate those needs, too.

Find local storage in Spokane by visiting us. You have the option of paying your monthly storage fee online, too. It is our way of taking some of the stress out of your life.