Space Saving Self Storage Tips

Self storage organization

Using a storage unit is a great way to stash excess or unneeded items safely. Since many storage companies charge higher rates for larger units, you could be wondering how to make the most of your self storage space. No one wants to pay for room they don’t need. By following these five easy self storage tips, however, you can learn how to maximize the space in your storage unit and avoid overpaying.

1.    Disassemble Furniture and Other Large Items
Desks, tables and other furniture items can take up a lot of space on their own, but this isn’t really necessary. When possible, consider disassembling your furniture and storing the pieces vertically to maximize your storage space. In many cases, a simple drill or screwdriver can be used to take apart basic furniture pieces.

 2.    Use Stackable Storage Boxes
Storing items in plastic bags can seem easy and affordable, but it puts items more at risk of getting damaged and can also take up a lot of space. Instead, consider using boxes or plastic storage containers for storage. Not only can they help keep your items safe, but they can be stacked several boxes high to maximize the vertical space in your unit. Many facilities actually offer boxes and packing supplies on site.

 3.    Use Stored Furniture for Additional Storage Space
Many people don’t think about using the furniture in their units for storage, but this can be a handy way to take advantage of all of your space. For example, you can stash bulky sheets, blankets and clothing inside washers and dryers, or you can use shelving units as convenient storage spaces for fragile or small and awkward items.

 4.    Stack Large Items On Top of One Another
When possible, consider stacking large items on top of one another. For example, washers and dryers can generally be stacked vertically without any issues. You can also stack chairs or place them on top of tables and other furniture. When stacking things of unequal weight, remember to put the heavier objects on the bottom.

 5.    Organize Items Neatly and Efficiently
The way that you place your items in your storage unit really does matter. Instead of haphazardly placing things in the unit, take a minute or two to figure out the most space-efficient way. For example, placing larger items first will help you maximize your space and provide you with ideas for stacking things later.

By following these tips, you can make the most of the space in your storage. Then, you can enjoy the convenience and many benefits of renting a self storage unit without having to spend more than you need to.