Sell Extra Belongings from Self Storage Units

Selling belongings

Do you have cool stuff to sell that is taking up valuable space in your home? A storage unit can be your new best friend! These self storage tips will help you make space in your house while trying to sell extra belongings.

Belongings to Sell While Moving

Let’s say you’re moving, and many of your possessions won’t be needed at the new location. With packing and transporting everything from one place to another, you don’t have time to advertise, show and sell your belongings. With a storage unit, you can safely stash all those salable items until you find the time to properly list and sell them. Too often, in a rush to get rid of extra gear, we sell perfectly good stuff at a loss, but with self storage, you can hold out for the full resale value of everything you have to offer. By storing items you plan on selling, you’ll also save time during moving. Rather than unpacking these items in your new home, just put them in a storage unit.

Treasures You List On E-Bay

Do you have goodies with great resale value, but you need a place to stash them until the right buyers come along? Self storage units give you a safe and secure place to house all your offerings. You might enjoy buying discounted treasures at local yard sales and then reselling your finds online at a profit. It can take time to find people who are in the market for your items, and you don’t want to clutter up your home with the stuff you plan to sell. When you keep your goodies in a self storage unit, you’re not under pressure to move quickly. Instead, you can relax until your items attract buyers who want exactly what you’re offering.

Out with the Old Furniture – in with the New

It happens all the time. You buy new furniture and put the old stuff up for sale, but the new furnishings arrive before the existing furnishings sell. You don’t want to just give your old furniture to a charity because you need the money. The simplest solution is to simply stash everything in a storage unit until the right buyer comes along.

Don’t give away your valuables just because you have no storage space. Instead, let a self storage unit keep them safe until you find the buyers who want what you have. Use to find a convenient and affordable storage unit near you.

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