Self Storage Tips for New Renters

couple moving into storage unit

Are you new to the concept of self storage? Consider these self storage tips before renting your first unit.

Pick Your Place

Researching storage facilities is the first step for self storage seekers. Visit several facilities in your area to get an idea of what’s available in terms of storage unit size and price. Pick a unit that is the correct size and has the features you require. You’ll have to take what you’re storing into consideration. Do you have sensitive belongings that need climate control? Is security a top priority for you? Consider your needs before you start your search. Look around the units to determine whether they’re clean and if they’re sealed well. Talk with the owners and get a look at the rental contracts to familiarize yourself with the rental agreement. Find out what security options there are and what kind of accessibility you’ll have to your belongings.

Pack Well

While it might be tempting to stuff every box you have as full as possible, remember that you need to be able to move things to the storage facility and into the unit without a struggle. Choose sturdy boxes and containers made from materials that will last. Seal open boxes with packing tape and clearly label everything you put in storage to make it easier to find items later on. Include the word “FRAGILE” on packages of breakable belongings. Never pack anything wet or damp as it will likely grow mold over time.

Be Organized

Make the most of your rental unit by being organized from the start. Begin by loading your largest items and assess the remaining space for smaller boxes and belongings. Stack whatever can be stacked such as chairs and vinyl storage containers, but be careful about making the piles too tall. Always put the heaviest items on the bottom to avoid potential for collapse. Follow these self storage packing tips and remember to leave some room in the unit in case you have more to store in the future.

To find a storage unit near you, use for a list of your local storage facilities. This database allows you to search through storage facility features and find a nearby unit to fit your needs.

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