Self Storage Survival: Self Storage Tips from a Survivor Mindset

deserted island

Have you ever wondered about what you would bring along if you were to be stranded on a desert island? Many people have. In a survival situation, you’re probably going to need items that you wouldn’t normally use on a daily basis. Say that there’s a self storage unit on the island. You would have access to four items of your choice once you arrive. What would they be? Here are some self storage tips for those looking to turn the isolated plot of land into a temporary home.

1. Multipurpose Tool

The most useful tool in a survival scenario is going to be a multi-purpose tool. A medium-sized pocket knife will get just about every job done for you. From building spears and shelter to cutting fruit and fileting fish, a multi-purpose tool will come in handy at all times. Everything that it can’t do is made possible by the tools that it can create.

2. Parachute

A parachute can serve multiple purposes in a survival situation. It can be draped over some shelter as a roof, serve as insulation when wrapped around the body during cold hours, hang from trees like a hammock, signal to rescuers with its bold colors, and much more. Multi-use items are almost always good picks.

3. Large Pot

In the wild, it’s best to cook everything to prevent illness. With a large pot, you could boil water, cook meat and veggies, bathe, wash your tools, etc. Collecting water is essential to survival, and a pot is perfect for just that.

4. Solar-Powered Laptop

This might be one of the strangest survival self storage tips you’ve ever heard, but packing a solar-powered laptop could be an ingenious idea. Since the Sun’s rays would keep it functional, you’d be able to seek help while keeping yourself entertained until your rescue.

While a self storage unit isolated on an island and filled with a few select survival tools probably isn’t the most realistic scenario, survival thinking can help you with self storage decisions. Consider this: if you can survive without it in your home, you can probably store it. This self storage survival mindset is helpful when deciding what items to keep, which ones to toss and what to store.

Everyone loves their family heirlooms and childhood keepsakes, but these don’t always have a place in the home. Seasonal decorations and clothes can be stored when their season has passed, and outdoor items are better kept in storage units during seasons of inclement weather.

Keep these self storage tips in mind when looking for a storage unit to fit your needs.

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