Self Storage Security: Protect Your Belongings

Self storage security gate

One advantage of using a storage facility is that the property generally provides a higher degree of protection than is available in residential settings. Because the type and level of self storage security can vary significantly among facilities, you should evaluate the company’s security measures to determine whether it provides sufficient protection for your belongings.

Visit the site to evaluate the self storage security procedures. Follow some of these self storage tips to assess the security of your self storage unit:

  • Ensure that the interior and exterior are well lit.
  • Evaluate the condition of the access gates and doors as well as the perimeter fencing if present.
  • Ask about video surveillance and recording equipment, motion sensors, fire and smoke alarms and any relationship that the facility has with a security company or local law enforcement for off-site monitoring. Determine if the facility has on-site security and if there are roving patrols.
  • Ask how the facility controls access to the site and individual units. Most professional companies use a keypad or a card swipe system. Facilities with the strongest security usually have individual access codes and door alarms. This prevents a current customer from gaining access to another customer’s unit.

Following basic self storage tips will prevent the theft of your heirlooms, keepsakes, documents and other belongings. Security experts recommend that individuals position valuable items in the rear of their units and use a numbering system instead of words to identify the contents. This makes it difficult to find valuables during a “smash and grab” robbery. Avoid using a lock with a long shackle, which are relatively easy for thieves to remove. A better option is a disc or cylinder lock because they are harder to pick and cut with bolt cutters. One of the most important self storage tips is to safeguard security codes and cards to prevent unauthorized access to the property and your property.

Find a secure storage facility near you with! Use these helpful tips to ensure the security of the storage facility and your belongings.

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