How to Personalize Your Self Storage Unit

Man personalizing a self storage unit

Self storage often brings to mind bland, sterile spaces. Yet that limited perception ignores what a helpful tool and hospitable place a personal self storage unit can be.

Cluttered living space is frustrating and unpleasant, but many people simply don’t have room for everything. People who are in transition, moving from one place to another or out of town for a time may need a temporary place to keep their belongings. Still others might have hobbies or collections that won’t fit at home but need safe shelter. All can benefit from self storage. And with a few out of the box self storage tips you can personalize your unit. Here are some ideas on how to truly make the space your own:

  • Use interesting freestanding bookshelves to keep books, DVDs and CDs, and small items. They will help you keep things aligned for easy reference. You can get cheap and unique pieces from thrift shops and estate sales.
  • Attach pegboards to the wall. This works well for hanging tools and equipment (hooks keep things separated and off the ground). You can also use the pegboard to hang posters or pictures to decorate your space.
  • Try to find metal filing cabinets at flea markets or yard sales. The smaller, two-drawer units don’t take up a lot of room, can be stacked, and are great for organizing papers and documents. If you want to get super creative, you can even paint your filing cabinet.
  • Clear plastic bins are absolute treasures, making seasonal clothing, toys, bulk purchases, and office or school supplies very easy to see and organize. These bins are also available in fun colors that can help brighten up your storage unit.

There is no reason to leave your storage space plain and unwelcoming. With a little imagination, the possibilities for personalized self storage are practically unlimited. Making your unit more ascetically appealing will help improve your overall self storage experience.

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