Is Your Pack Rat Habit Out of Control?


If you’ve ever been called a pack rat, don’t feel like you’re alone. In fact, May 17th is National Pack Rat Day to honor everyone with pack rat habits. Perhaps you started off by collecting a few things as a hobby, or maybe you just hate throwing things away. Either way, if you’re beginning to feel that your pack rat habits are getting out of control, then now is the best time to reevaluate your belongings!

Let’s take a closer look at how you can get your possessions under control. Here are some self storage tips to help you get organized.

What’s worth keeping?

Start by deciding which belongings are truly valuable to you or are essential for daily living. Family keepsakes, important papers and basic necessities are all good examples of items to keep in your home.

What can go into a self storage unit?

Sort out the things that you still need to have readily available, but do not need cluttering up your house on a daily basis. Holiday decorations, old tax files and childhood mementos are perfect for self storage spaces. Self storage units come in a variety of sizes to fit any amount of belongings.

What do you need to let go?

This is probably the hardest category to evaluate. Be honest with yourself as you weed through old magazines, books or clothes. Throw away any trash or recycle what you can. In addition, you can donate items in fairly good condition to your favorite charity to help those less fortunate than you.

Once you’ve taken the first step to declutter your home, you’ll begin to feel liberated. By getting your pack rat tendencies under control with these self storage tips, you’ll prevent the inevitable next level of becoming a hoarder. Most of all, you’ll love how your home looks with everything in its place!

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