Organize Your Files Week


Proper document storage is critical for running any home or business efficiently. Those with unruly desks and file systems often waste time searching for what they need. Here are some tips to get your office into shape this spring.

Eliminate Paper Clutter
Paper clutter is defined as any periodical or mailer that has been in your home or business for over a month. Either make time to review these items or throw them away. Tear out recipes, home decorating ideas, how-to lists and other items of interest rather than hanging onto the entire periodical. If you cannot bear to part ways with back issues of your favorite magazine, consider a self storage unit.

Create an Inbox
Make a place to put incoming mail and documents either in the office or by the front door. Make an effort to empty the inbox regularly. Devoting a little time to document storage each week is vital to staying organized.

Keep Only What’s Necessary
Professional organizers urge people to keep only a year’s worth of bill receipts. Consider renting a safety deposit box or acquiring a small safe for birth certificates, deeds, social security cards, passports, marriage certificates, divorce decrees, wills and an inventory of household goods for insurance purposes.

Store Tax Documents Neatly
Depending on the complexity of your tax situation, extra storage space may be required. Renting a self storage unit is a great idea if there are several boxes of documents for each tax year. It is recommended that individuals keep tax returns, W-2 forms, recipes and real estate documents for at least six years.

Incorporate one or more of these ideas into your home or business to gain valuable time and energy for more important matters.

Find a storage unit near you on, and get your filed organized this week.