New Year- No Clutter!

Organized home

Starting the new year with a clean home and office space will boost your motivation and help you stay organized. To achieve this common New Year’s resolution, you must begin by sorting through all of your possessions. Even if you think that you have an insurmountable mess to tackle, you can conquer it with patience and persistence.

Items to Eliminate
Armed with a few trash bags, eliminate obvious trash from your living and office space. Look for large items first, such as broken appliances or old cardboard boxes. Once the larger items are out of your way, you can start tackling stacks of old paperwork and piles of ratty clothes. If some of your unwanted possessions could be useful to someone else, consider donating them to a charity or a family member. Some charitable organizations will even schedule a pickup of your items for donation, so you don’t have to drive anywhere to clear your space and do a good deed.

Items to Keep
As you sort through your possessions, keep an eye out for items that you might want to keep. Evaluate each item in terms of its potential usefulness or sentimental value; if you decide that you want to keep an item, find a permanent home for it. Don’t simply shove the item back into a trunk or file box; if you can’t access it easily and regularly, you might as well get rid of the item. If you haven’t used an item for years, however, you might be better off simply disposing of it.

Items to Store in Self Storage
At the end of your cleaning endeavor, you may still end up with more belongings than you can comfortably store. Renting a self storage unit can solve your problems by giving you a little more space for useful or valuable items. For example, you can store a set of furniture for future use. You can also rent a unit to store extra electronics, important documents, clothing and seasonal items.

Find Local Storage can help you locate a convenient storage facility to meet your storage needs and help you keep your New Year’s organization resolutions!