Make Your Own Library with Self Storage

stack of books

Have you always wanted your own library but cannot put one in your home due to space limitations? Most book lovers and collectors dream of this, but trying to add on to the house is an extremely expensive and painstaking process. For renters, adding on another room is not even an option. Did you know you can have your own private library for a much more affordable price than home expansion? The answer to the your library dreams is turning a climate-controlled self storage unit into a library. Just follow these simple steps to make it happen.

Count Your Books and Shelves

The first thing you will need to do is count your books. Figure out how much storage space you will need, and be sure to allow room for future book purchases. You may want to keep some books in boxes, and you may want to put others out on shelves. How you set your library up is completely dependent on your taste. Decide how many shelving units you want. For a simpler and cheaper option, consider buying sturdy crates. You can stack them, fasten them and keep books easily accessible.

Plan Your Space

Decide if you want to put a sofa, chairs, lamps or any other items in your personal library. Make sure to estimate how much space they will require in addition to your book collection. You may want to keep food there as well, so plan on having sealed containers if that is the case.

Once you have planned what you want in your library, it is time to look for the right size of climate controlled self storage unit. Climate control is important so your books stay in good shape and you will be comfortable when visiting.

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