Keeping Your Home Safe for the Little One

toddler playing on floor

From the moment they start crawling, kids have an almost magical way of getting into things. Cabinets, boxes, shelves – you name it. If it’s in their way, they are designed to overcome it. That’s why it’s so important to prep your home for their inevitable destruction. And there’s no better time to talk about this than Baby Safety Month.

Find Local Storage has put together a checklist for you to go through, focusing on some things you may not think about on the daily – like the hazards of home storage. This is by no means a complete list, and as things change in your home from day to day, having these thoughts and more in the back of your head will go a long way in keeping your kids safe, and you stress-free.

  • Home storage can be a hot zone for crawling kids. They want to pull things off shelves, including baskets, to see what’s inside. Ensure anything heavy or filled with items is high enough that they can’t reach.
  • They also like to put everything in their mouths. Small items like office supplies should be stored away in child-proof drawers or at the top of closets.
  • Clutter can become a landmine for those unsure of their feet. Keep non-carpeted areas free of clutter so they’re better able to move around on slippery surfaces.
  • Same goes for carpet – and items that are painful to step on. Consider keeping plastic toys in home storage until played with, and leave softer toys out to keep them occupied. That way if they step on something, it just makes them wobbly rather than hurting them.
  • Consider replacing storage furniture, like chests or wood ottomans, with fabric-covered options. That way, not only are corner safe for their little heads, but they can safely use it to climb as they get older – and bolder.
  • Items that are stacked, such as crates or boxes, are sure to come tumbling down as soon as the little one gets their climbing legs. Using family storage units to store less-used items will keep them from getting hurt during a tumble.
  • For rooms that have to be used for home storage, like closets and basements, keep knob covers over the handles so they can’t accidentally get in when you turn your head for two seconds.

Getting a family storage unit near you will go a long way in keeping your kids safe, without having to throw everything out. You can keep unsafe furniture and items stored there until the kids are older, and switch it out once you’re confident in their independence. Find Local Storage does just what its name implies – helps you find a storage facility in your area that has everything you need. Get started on your search today!

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