How to Create the Perfect Guest Bedroom & Still Have Home Storage

guest bedroom

The holidays will be here before we know it, and as unwilling as we are to jump into the festivities just yet – there are a few things folks need to get figured out now. Like how to turn the guest bedroom into a livable space without sacrificing all that extra home storage.

For most of the year, that guest room turns into a junk room, as things pile up that you just don’t know what to do with. Well, we’re sharing tips for taking the clutter down a notch, by redesigning the room with simple updates that make the most of storage space.

Start With the Furniture

All of these items can be bought used, and even new in some cases. Let’s start with shelving. Adding some floating shelves as a wall decoration makes use of dead space, and if you throw some small baskets on top, you can hide the odds and ends inside. Moving a little lower, stacking cubes or crates along the side of the wall. Fill those with inexpensive decorative boxes to get even more room for papers, office supplies and extra bathroom items.

Replacing your nightstand with one that has shelving and a drawer gives you another place to put spare stuff without overcrowding the space. And adding a storage ottoman at the end of the bed not only gives you room to put extra blankets, but it provides your guests a place to sit while they get ready in the morning.

Last: Clear out the drawers in the dresser and/or chest of drawers, determine what can go into the additional wall and cube storage, and leave at least the top two empty for your guests.

Look Under the Bed 

Head to the nearest convenience store and get yourself a set of cheap bed risers. Not only does this give the room a more luxurious feel to it, but you’ve just given yourself prime home storage that was useless before. Here you can put a wide range of totes, filled with seasonal clothing, shoes, linens, and even all that wrapping paper you’re about to be using.

Clear out the Closet

Closets quickly become landmines for falling items, as it’s easy to just throw stuff in there and hurriedly shut the door. With all that extra storage you just created in the rest of the room, you have a place for everything – so clear it out.

Leave at least a third of the hanging space for your guests and provide them a few extra hangers to use. You can also use the door to hang shoe racks, as well as the floor space for stacking additional cubes or crates.

Add a few extra touches, such as an extra blanket at the end of the bed, both soft and firm pillow options and a bowl to place jewelry and cell phones. These extras will make your guests feel right at home!

For more storage needs, check out our listings of storage facilities in your area. Having the additional space to put all of your seasonal storage and other rarely used household items will help clear your home of clutter all year long!

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