Helpful Tips for Moving with Pets

Dog in Pet Carrier

Moving is hectic enough for humans, so imagine how it feels for pets. Preparing your pet for a move before the “big day” helps him to get used to a new routine and stay calm during the transition.

Prepare Them for the Big Move

Pets that aren’t used to traveling benefit from a slow introduction to the crate or carrier they’ll be riding in during the trip to your new home. Set the crate up in a familiar spot and leave treats or toys in it to encourage your pet to explore. Start feeding him his meals in the crate, first with the door open and then with it shut. Take him for a drive around town to get him used to what the move will feel like and he’ll be calmer about the experience when moving day comes.

Find a Calm Environment

When readying for the move, make sure your pet has a calm environment such as a quiet room to stay in. This keeps disruption to a minimum for both of you. Doing your packing early will also help your pet adjust to what’s going on and ensure that he doesn’t become skittish in the middle of a last-minute rush. Placing some of your belongings in a self storage unit will give you less to deal with as you’re packing and less clutter to manage when you arrive at your new destination.

Create a New Safe Haven.

To avoid fear or confusion when moving with a pet, pick one room for him to have as his “safe haven” as you’re moving in. Get it ready with his bed or blanket, food dishes and favorite toys and let him explore on his own terms. As you unpack and move in the items you placed in self storage, your pet will gradually become more comfortable with the house and settle in to a new routine.

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