Great Organization and Storage Products

Storage products attached to a wall

If you’re like most people, you probably wish you had a more storage space for all your stuff. Whether you’re looking or a little extra room in the home or trying to create additional space in your storage unit, the right organizational products can help you maximize square footage. Don’t sacrifice living space for clutter; the following storage products can help you discover room you didn’t know you had in your house or storage unit.

  • Expandable Drawer Organizers

It seems like every kitchen has at least one junk drawer, but yours doesn’t need to become a jumble of gadgets. Outfit your kitchen, bedroom and vanity drawers with expandable organizers to keep everything in its place. Unlike rigid plastic models that leave excess space for small clutter to accumulate, adjustable drawer fillers offer an inexpensive way to perfectly customize your storage. If you are planning on moving drawers into a storage unit, consider using these organizers to keep things tidy. has an elegant version in eco-friendly bamboo that’s stylish enough to hold jewelry, cosmetics, or silverware.

  • Double Clothes Hangers

Double or multiple hangers let you hang more garments from a single hanger, effectively doubling your closet space. These handy organizational products also keep matching suit pieces or coordinating separates together for easy dressing on busy mornings. Most closet organization shops and department stores have a version of these hanger extenders, but if you prefer online ordering, try the Wardrobe Wizard from Stacks and Stacks.

  • Lazy Susans

Whoever Susan is, she’s really not lazy; she’s brilliant. Turntable-style storage shelves maximize your available space and prevent items from becoming lost in the back of a cabinet. Use them under the sink for cleaning supplies, in your pantry for storing canned goods or in your craft room to keep supplies organized. This stylish stainless steel model from Ideas in Motion is attractive enough to leave on display. It’s available at

  • Garment Racks

Keeping your off-season clothing in a self storage unit is one of the best ways to gain more usable space in your home. When you hang everything neatly on a sturdy garment rack such as this chrome version from Bed Bath and Beyond, your coats and jackets are ready to wear as soon as the weather turns cool. Garment racks are essential for self storage organization, but don’t heap too many items on one rack; clothes need their space while in storage.

  • Slide-Out Shelves

Few spaces are too narrow for this slide-out pantry rack from Get Organized. Use narrow, vertical pull-out shelving to fill gaps between appliances or racks in self storage units. It’s ideal for storing smaller items and maximizing your storage space.

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