Get in Business with Business Self Storage

Woman in business storage unit

If boxes and supplies are overcrowding your store or office, it’s time to look for better storage options. Along with traditional personal storage units, many self storage facilities also offer storage solutions for businesses. Aside from freeing up floor space, there are several advantages to using a business self storage system.

1. Secure storage
Business self storage gives companies a safe way to store merchandise and files. Pricey items can be locked up, away from the showroom, to minimize the possibility of on-site theft. Secure business storage units are also a good place for companies to keep confidential documents. Storage facilities’ strictly regulated entry means no one will have access without permission. Business clients can rest assured that their important assets are being monitored round the clock.

2. Climate controlled environment
Climate controlled self storage units are specifically designed to take the guesswork out of storage. A climate controlled unit will house almost any object in a way that preserves it properly. There’s little risk of mold or damage to inventory, equipment, or documents in a climate controlled space.

3. Drive-Up Access
Many storage facilities offer drive up access that allows you to pull-up directly to your business unit.  This helps companies avoid the additional expense of forklifts or other warehouse equipment. Business owners and designated employees can easily access the self storage unit and load items to and from a truck.

4. Receive Shipments to Storage Unit
Some storage facilities will sign for packages and inventory shipments for business clients. This means your business won’t have to expend an employee to meet the shipping company. Instead, the storage security guards will sign for any delivery you receive.

5. Reduce Expenses
Renting a self storage unit eliminates the on-site expense of heating and cooling a stockroom or purchasing a larger facility. Most companies offer month-to-month storage plans, so if your business needs change you won’t be left with extra space and costs. Also, with more room for inventory, your business can benefit from the lower cost of buying merchandise or supplies in bulk.

This new year, do what’s best for your company by renting a business self storage unit. The affordability and accessibility of a self storage unit will allow you to focus on growing your business without worrying about cost or space constraints.