Fourth of July Storage Tips

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The Fourth of July is the perfect time to kick back, barbecue and enjoy the great weather outside, but if you happen to be hosting the annual family party, relaxing is probably the last thing on your mind. From cleaning the house to making space for suitcases and sleeping mattresses, getting ready for a big family visit comes with a long to-do list. Instead of cramming your basement, attic and spare bedrooms full of stuff, try the simple self storage tips below to make Independence Day a comfortable stay for your guests and a stress-free holiday for you.

1. Get more living space in a day. Temporary storage units are ideal for making room in a hurry. If you don’t have any belongings you can spare for long-term storage, get a basic one-month rental to cover the holiday. Monthly units are affordable, and with more extra space, your family will have plenty of room to spread out. makes it easy to find a storage unit near you.

2. Say goodbye to clutter for good. If your living space is being swallowed up with boxes full of seasonal items, keepsakes and family heirlooms, preparing your house for overnight visitors on the Fourth of July is a great excuse for clearing out more space for yourself. Now that you have even more incentive to declutter, consider renting long-term storage units. With your possessions safely stowed away in a secure facility, you can enjoy a more comfortable and spacious home all year long.

3. Make hosting guests a breeze. Storage isn’t just a great solution for things you already own. In fact, one of the best self storage tips for always keeping your home clean and clear is to rent a small unit specifically for guest-room furniture, towels, bath products, bedding, air mattresses and other extras that are only needed when visitors come over.



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