Five Things to Love About Self Storage

Self storage heart

It’s Valentine’s season, so naturally, your thoughts of love turn to … self storage units. What? You don’t see the connection between storage and romance? Here are the top five things to love about self storage.

1. You’ll have more room in your home for that romantic evening. No more walking through a crowded, cluttered house. Simply store those items that are in your way, and you’ll have room to dance, sit by the fireplace, and enjoy a romantic dinner. You can put those extra items in a properly sized storage unit and enjoy the extra space.

2. You’ll be in a better mood for romance. Imagine being able to walk through the house without bumping your shin on that coffee table you inherited, or not bumping your hip on that oversized side table. Storage facilities are perfect for storing furniture that you want to keep, but that just doesn’t fit in your current home. Fewer bruises, less cursing, more romance.

3. You’ll have more time to plan your romantic date. It takes less time to clean your home if you don’t have to work around clutter. Put that extra time to good use by planning the perfect day of romance. The best self storage lets you pack away all those knick knacks that are just gathering dust.

4. A less cluttered home will also put your special someone in better mood. Clutter is distracting, and when you’re trying to induce romance, distraction is the last thing you want. Clean off those counters, put those unused items in storage, and you’ll be the center of attention.

5. You’ll actually be proud of your home and able to invite someone over without being embarrassed. Even the nicest houses and apartments don’t look good when they’re crowded and cluttered. Use that self storage unit to declutter your home. Your place will be much more inviting and you’ll be relaxed and confident for the big day.

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