Five Popular Self Storage Items

Household items to put in self storage

Self storage is a great solution when space is at a premium in the home or office. There are lots of items we want in our lives but don’t use on a daily basis. It can be hard to justify sacrificing living and work space to keep these things around. Often times, storing such possessions in a secure storage unit makes the most sense. Here are some insider storage tips for properly storing the most popular self storage items:

Downsizing often leaves behind extra furniture. Self storage is a great way to keep certain pieces for future redecorating or to preserve a family heirloom. If you are moving furniture into a self storage unit, larger pieces, such as bed frames, should be taken apart before they are stored. Make sure to place furniture on plastic sheeting and cover with a heavy tarp, blanket or bubble wrap to prevent damage. Once furniture is in your unit it can actually be used for additional storage. Consider putting small items into dressers, cabinets and tables with drawers to optimize space in the unit.

Cars are put into storage more often than you may think. Whether you need to put up your summer convertible until spring or house your truck during a long military deployment, self storage is a good solution. The first step before putting your vehicle in a self storage unit is making sure it is registered and insured. Once you’ve done the paperwork preps, give your car a nice wash, removing any mud or grease. If you are planning on storing the car for more than a few weeks, you will also want to change the vehicle’s oil and top off its gar tank.

Family photos from the pre-computer era can take up a lot of space. People often choose to keep their treasured memories in self storage. However, old photographs are delicate and need to be stored properly. Opt for climate-controlled self storage to avoid humidity or extreme temperature. Exposure to these elements can permanently damage photos. You will also want to keep your photos wrapped in acid free paper, inside a protective box for greater defense. To learn more about storing photographs click here.

Many businesses may move paper files to a storage unit when office space is scarce. This is another case in which climate-controlled storage is a must. Documents should be stored in a file cabinet or an airtight container that is elevated. Labeling files is also recommended to keep everything organized for easy access in the future. To learn more about file storage click here.

Switching out your seasonal wardrobe is a great way to save space. Millions of clothing items are put into self storage every year. To ensure your clothes are ready for you when the seasons change, wash and thoroughly dry them before placing them in a storage unit. Any leftover debris will set during storage and dampness can cause mildew. It is also best to keep your clothing in air tight bins or garment bags.