Feng Shui for Real Life: Bedroom


Arranging bedroom furniture according to feng shui will promote nourishing energy; it will encourage sleep and ignite passion. Here are five tips for organizing the room to achieve proper “qui” and chi energy.

1. Position the Bed Correctly. The most important piece of furniture in this room is the bed. It should never be placed across from the door. This places feet in the “position of death.” Also, the bed must not be under a window. This allows the chi energy to escape.

2. Use Mirrors Carefully. A mirror should never be placed across from or over the bed. This allows a third party to invade a marriage or relationship. Also, a mirror may startle the soul when it leaves the body on its nightly journeys.

3. Avoid Electronics. According to feng shui, there should be no electronic devices allowed in the bedroom. They add electrical currents to the space that interrupt sleep. Also, a television is thought to invite strangers into the space every time it is turned on. If it is absolutely necessary to have a television in the bedroom, it should be placed in an armoire that can be closed.

4. Accessorize in Pairs. Feng shui encourages pairs of accessories in the room. For example, it is important to include two nightstands and two lamps on both sides of the bed. It is also believed that placing a pair of mandarin ducks in the southwest corner of the room improves a person’s love life as well.

5. Remove Clutter. The bedroom must be kept simple. It should be free of extra chairs, pictures and unnecessary clutter. Extra items make it hard to reach the perfect balance. It may be difficult uncovering a place to put additional furnishings and trinkets. Some people consider renting a small storage unit. Self storage allows individuals to hold onto mementos without the need to give them away all at once. Over time, it is possible to visit the storage unit and sort through what is important. It is also possible to keep items in self storage indefinitely.

Furniture placement is a key part of feng shui in the bedroom. The above tips should increase the flow of chi energy. They should also help a person enjoy better passion and rest.

Find local storage in your community and rent a small storage unit to help you on your path to better feng shui.

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