College Apartment Checklist: 10 Essential Items You Need

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As the summer comes to an end, many students are gearing up for another year of school. The fall semester is right around the corner, and it’s time to start moving back to your college apartment! This helpful college apartment checklist will ensure that you don’t leave any of your important items behind.

10 Essential Items for Your College Apartment

  1. It’s easy to overestimate the amount of space you’ll have in your apartment or home. Being prepared to make use of every sliver of space will mean the difference between living comfortably and living cramped. Under-the-bed storage containers and plastic drawers can save you space and keep you organized.
  1. First Aid Kit. A first aid kit is the kind of item you’ll be thankful to have the moment you need it. Until then – you’ll forget your even have one. You can purchase one fully stocked or put one together yourself. Keep all the items necessary to treat life’s minor mishaps in one convenient place; you’ll be glad you did.
  1. Tool Kit. You never know when you’ll need a spare hammer or a screwdriver. Whether putting together furniture, hanging a photo, or fixing minor issues, a basic tool kit is essential to getting through daily life.
  1. Extension Cords and Plug-in Adapters. The housing options for off-campus living aren’t always equipped with the most convenient electrical systems. Many older houses will have varying outlets, in random places. Having plugin adapters on hand and extension cords will help you set up your space the way you want. Also invest in a surge protector for your tech.
  1. Another one of those items that you’ll be thankful to have when you need it. While plumbing mishaps aren’t everyone’s favorite topic of conversation, they can happen to anyone. As with electrical, off-campus housing can have older plumbing systems and a clog can happen for a variety of reasons. If that happens, you’ll be thankful you invested in a plunger – and don’t have to borrow one from your neighbor.
  1. Command Hooks and Over-the-Door Hooks. These items can be your best friend. Whether you need to hang a picture, a towel, or a hamper, command hooks and over-the-door hooks can help you do so easily. Over-the-door hooks can hang a variety of items, and use space that is often forgotten about.
  1. Alarm Clock…A Loud One. Your parents aren’t around to wake you up anymore; you’re responsible for getting yourself to class or work. Invest in an alarm clock that will wake you up, and set it on the opposite side of your room so you have to literally get up to turn it off.
  1. Curtains never seemed important in the past, because you probably never had to think about window dressings. Now that you’re in your own place, blocking out the sun to sleep in on the weekend is higher on your priority list. Make sure whatever you buy has the “block-out” label.
  1. Coffee Maker. Not everyone is a coffee drinker, but for those who are, being able to brew your own at home can save you from an expensive habit. Purchasing coffee everyday can add up quickly. It’s much more convenient – and cost-effective – for you to brew your own at home.
  1. Indoor Grill. You will learn to use a variety of cooking appliances while at college. To avoid eating all your meals from a microwave, invest in an indoor grill to make meals with more nutritional value. These grills are easy to use and you can quickly make a hot dish that didn’t come from a can or frozen box.

When making the move back to school, not every item may make the cut on move-in day. Keep unnecessary clutter and rarely used items from taking up your space with the help of self storage. To find a storage unit near your school, use When you’re ready to pack it in for the summer, just throw all of your things back into storage and we’ll see you again next semester!

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