Classroom Storage Ideas for Teachers

students raising hands in classroom

Students aren’t the only ones who can benefit from helpful storage ideas! After sitting empty for months, it can take some time to set up a classroom for the school year. If room seems smaller than you remember it or you’ve been moved to a new room entirely, use our classroom storage ideas to make the most of your space.

Make student mailboxes.

Create student mailboxes using wall-hanging magazine holders to keep student papers organized. Available in a variety of materials, these magazine holders stay out of the way and can last all year. You can use the boxes to return student homework or distribute other important papers.

Plastic drawers are easy and affordable.

Use plastic drawers of varying sizes to store everything from crayons to notebooks. Smaller drawer sets are good for homework turn-in drawers, copies, or teacher to-do drawers. Plus, they’re durable, versatile and affordable.

Food containers of different sizes keep games organized.

These containers can be used to store small game pieces or any makeshift math games that require special instructions. Keep dice in small, individual containers and shake them within to “roll”; this keeps dice from getting lost.

Stash storage everywhere possible.

Outfit your classroom with items that help you store everywhere. You can use ottomans in your library area, and hang plastic shoe organizers for items like markers or crayons. Walls aren’t the only places you can hang organization, though. The inside of cabinet doors or the sides of shelves are perfect for easy storage. You can even use command hooks to hang bathroom passes or communal scissors.

Organize and store items where they will be used.

Keep your classroom items contained to the places that they will get the most use. This will help you maintain cleanliness by keeping supplies and classroom items separated by use. Craft supplies can always be found in the art area, while games are kept in the cabinets. Likewise, books are stored in the classroom library, outfitted with sitting areas for reading.

An overcrowded and cluttered classroom doesn’t make the best learning environment. When your classroom is cluttered and you’ve used up your creative storage resources, turn to self storage for help. Moving extra furniture and classroom supplies to a storage unit is the ideal solution – especially when the other option is crowding up your household storage. Use to locate a convenient storage unit near you, and know that your classroom supplies are never far away.

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