Celebrate National Old Stuff Day

Old stuff for self storage

According to daysoftheyear.com, March 2 is officially National Old Stuff Day. This is the perfect day to bring out your treasures, such as old toys, photographs and mementos, and share them with others. Invite friends and family members to join you for a trip down memory lane and tell anecdotes that only you know or relive happy occasions.

If anyone in your family is interested in genealogy, this is the perfect day to break out old birth certificates, marriage licenses and military service records. The information contained in these types of documents can help fill in a sparsely leafed family tree. If you know any stories that have been handed down through the generations, be sure and share them so that people gain more of a feel for the actual person instead of just names and dates.

The day is also a good opportunity for you to check on the condition of your items. If you have keepsakes stored in a damp basement or crammed into a closet, you might want to consider transferring them to a self storage unit. Most people have treasures that could never be replaced for any amount of money, such as photographs of ancestors or children’s artwork. When you are through sharing them on National Old Stuff Day, you can pack them away (at least until next year) and take them to a secure storage facility. Look for local storage facilities that offer climate-controlled units so that your valuables do not suffer from temperature extremes. You can even find companies that specialize in antique storage.

As an added bonus, moving your old stuff to a storage unit can give you more space for the things you use frequently. You might be surprised to discover that you actually have ample closet or cabinet space once you clear out everything that you do not use, but cannot bear to part with. It is also an excellent opportunity to organize items — and who know what forgotten treasures you might rediscover in the process?

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