The Benefits of Self Storage Insurance

Self storage insurance information

Self storage companies work hard to keep your property safe and secure from the elements. But no matter how much effort they put into creating a safe, secure storage facility, bad things can happen to your stuff.

When rain damage, theft, flood or other hazards occur, the storage facility will generally not be liable for the damages. That means it’s up to you, the tenant of the facility, to invest in self storage insurance that protects the monetary value of the property you keep in a storage facility.

What is Tenant Insurance

These policies will provide reimbursement for losses from various incidents, such as those caused by rodents, rain, vandalism, theft and smoke. Storage insurance can cover you anywhere from one month to a year. Like other types of insurance, the policy can be designed with a deductible – an amount you pay out-of-pocket before the insurance company pays on the claim – or no deductible. Premiums will vary depending on the deductible you choose, the length of the contract and the total benefit you secure.

Should You Buy Self Storage Insurance?

Not every self storage tenant needs this coverage. If your stored content has personal, emotional value but little to no monetary value then coverage is not an option, since this insurance doesn’t reimburse for non-financial losses. In some cases, high-dollar jewelry, antiques and art may not be insurable.

Many self storage companies understand that you want ease and convenience when renting storage space, and they allow you to sign up for insurance with the unit. Payments are rolled into your unit rental fee, so you never have to worry about a lapsed policy.

Find a storage unit near you with and remember to look into their storage insurance policies before you rent.

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