Beat the Heat: Five Items that Need Climate Controlled Self Storage

Climate control for summer

With summer fast approaching, it’s time to reconsider your approach to self storage. You might not realize it, but sizzling heat waves and major fluctuations in temperatures can be damaging too many household items. Climate controlled self storage units keep your items will be at a constant temperature between an ideal 55°F and 85°F. From computers to violins, there are a number of items commonly stored in self-storage units that will not survive the summer heat.

1. Computers
Electronics are precisely engineered to perform within very narrow parameters. Extreme heat can irrevocably damage your electronic devices; solder joints may weaken, and individual components may warp under the stress of high temperatures. Your expensive devices can quickly turn into useless scrap when exposed to extreme temperatures. Even if your devices aren’t permanently damaged, exposure to high temperatures can corrupt your hard drives, robbing you of years of data.

2. Family Photos
Family photos are treasured and irreplaceable mementos of times long past. Storing your collection in a self-storage unit is a great idea, especially if you use external hard drives to store your digital pictures. However, extreme heat can harm these hard drives and erase your pictures. Traditional negatives and photographs are also vulnerable to heat damage; changes in temperature can cause both negatives and photo prints to crack and fade. Climate control makes for the best photo storage.

3. Paintings
Resist the urge to store artwork and paintings in a storage facility without climate control. Although all paintings will eventually decay over time, high temperatures can accelerate the process, separating the ingredients of the paint while cracking the canvas. Even simple crayon drawings can be damaged by high temperatures.

4. Antiques
Whether you are an avid collector looking for some extra room for all your great finds or someone who just has a few of great-grandmother’s things to store, be careful how you store antiques. High temperatures can irreversibly damage wood antiques, greatly reducing their value. Humidity can also damage valuable and old pieces of furniture. Climate control really is a must for antique storage.

5. Musical Instruments
Many musical instruments are delicate items that cannot tolerate extreme temperatures. For example, the wood glue that holds a violin together can weaken in extreme temperatures. The wood can also expand and crack, completely destroying the instrument.

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