August is National Golf Month

Golf clubs

This month-long tribute is designed to commemorate the popularity of the sport that traces its modern lineage to the links of Scotland during the Middle Ages. The term golf was derived from a Scottish term gouf, which was first mentioned in a royal edict that banned the game. Many early golfers were reported to prefer spending their time on the links instead of practicing archery and their other military drills. The oldest surviving rules were written for the Honorable Company of Edinburgh Golfers in 1744. After spreading across the United Kingdom in the 17th century, the first golf course in America was built in Charleston, South Carolina in 1787.

Over the years, golf equipment has evolved from wooden clubs and leather-wrapped, feather-filled balls to today’s graphite shafts, titanium heads and high-tech dimpled balls. Their weight and size has been governed by the USGA since the 1930s. The cost of this equipment can be a significant investment. As a result, proper maintenance and golf club storage can protect your equipment and reduce the expense of replacing damaged clubs. Well-maintained equipment will also improve your game.

The golf storage area should be a secure climate-controlled space to protect your equipment from extreme fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Your golf clubs and bag should be stored in an upright position to prevent them from being dented or dinged. Cover the head of the woods to prevent gouges and scratches. For long-term golf club storage, consider covering your irons as well.

A self storage facility is the ideal place to store golf clubs and off-season recreational equipment. These units provide convenient and secure golf storage, which enable you to access your equipment during the season as needed. Storing the clubs also enables you to reduce clutter in your home.

Use to find a storage unit near you that’s perfect for storing your golf gear. Storage units come in various sizes and climate controlled units are also available.

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